For The Love Of Avocado

Just recently have I started liking the whole idea of clean eating and healthy living. I amd  a big fan of healthy food and workout websites, and believe you me they are actually fun and inspiring. Not in my wildest dream did I think that I would be measuring my calories before every meal, but it’s such an addictive thing that I enter and check my calorie intake before every single meal and it’s actually working.

While I was studying in Bristol, England in 2009, I got introduced to this delectable, super healthy avocado based food accompaniment, called ‘guacamole’. It is available at all the Mexican food joints across the country and abroad. However, I wanted to learn how to make it on my own. While shopping for vegetables the other day, I spotted a nice, ripe avocado and decided to experiment some guacamole. Taking inspiration from one of the food bloggers, I whipped up some guacamole, with a twist of cumin seeds or jeera as we fondly call it. It tastes even better than the one I used to eat in England. I swear you must try it out. The next time you go vegetable shopping, don’t forget to grab a medium sized avocado, it makes enough guac to last you a 3-4 days. I normally use my guacamole as a spread on my lightly toasted brown bread for breakfast or as a dip to go with my corn nachos.

And the best part – 1 tbsp of guac is just 13 calories, now this you don’t want to miss xx


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