My cup of tea.

I sometimes wonder would I still like monsoons as much, would I ever drink plain milk, would I ever feel that sudden surge of happiness when sipping on something so exotic that beats all the Merlot and Moet of the world? Without chai in my life, I reckon not.

‘Chai’ for those who don’t know, is the Indian name given to brewed black tea. If I have to describe chai, then I would say it is the most refreshing concoction whipped with a slice of ginger, two to three cardamom, a portion of cinnamon, a bit of good quality Darjeeling or Assam tea leaves, a dash of sugar and a drop of milk.

Where can you find the best chai? On the roadside! That chai wala bhaiya is blessed, actually every chai wala bhaiya is blessed because he makes this incredible delight at all times.

Last week I was helping out my parents in moving houses, and we were very thrilled about it, because you know, new place, new people, new vibes. However, suddenly everyone started feeling tired and we had only this one day to set everything up because my parents were expecting guests the next day. Then came the chai wala bhaiya to our rescue. The most exotic chai with oodles of elaichi (cardamom) which makes it even more invigorating than it already is. In no time everyone was back to their refreshed self and we managed to finish the whole set up a little after midnight.

Let me know if you like chai just as much as I do and I will whip up some chai magic for myself, in the meantime xximage3

Oh! and this picture is from that day too 🙂


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