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Feelin’ Blue!

Ever wondered why is melancholy associated with the color blue, and why is breaking from the weekend fun and going back to the weekly routine referred to as ‘Monday Blues’? I have never fathomed why is blue always identified with sadness and gloom?

If you ask me, blue shakes up my soul and makes me happier than I can be. If you look at my room or my wardrobe or my stationery, everything will be in shades of blue – right from playful teal to royal turquoise, from earthy indigo to perky cobalt and the oh-so-pretty Tiffany blue to gorgeous sapphire. I live in the blues (pun intended).


My room is of course a mix of brilliant blue tapestry and drapes from places like Fabindia, Suvasa and Westside, all thanks to my love for traditional Indian interiors. The floor cushions and rug are also in the shades of blue and they add a sense of glee to my room. I just recently bought this pair of coffee mugs, a jute & wooden tray and an ethnic printed blue & white runner for my TV console. Just looking at it makes my day. Here’s a picture.


Infact, I just recently realized that my trousseau is filled with all shades of blue. There’s of course the bright colors too, the ones that mom and granny made sure I buy and put it in my treasure chest, but the best is the turquoise saree, the teal salwar suit and the indigo lehenga.

I can go on and on talking about my love for blue. I think they should stop associating it with sadness. It depicts the sky and the sea, and neither the water, nor the sky are sad. Do you love blue as much as I do? Let me know in the comments xx


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