September should never end!

It’s 4.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon, I’ve just got back home after some grocery shopping. It’s a beautiful day, pleasant and happy, and it just started to rain. I love ’em September rains! This month, very well known as the most birthday month, also brings the flow of festivity along with. Just as it begins, there’s a change in the weather, the sunlight becomes calmer and the wind becomes swift.

I love spending time in the outdoors, walking, trekking, cycling and just strolling around sometimes. The roads in Chandigarh are so clean and pretty that anyone can easily get confused if they are actually in India or in some other first world country, known for their cleanliness. When I’m not blogging or designing, I put on my trainers, grab my ipod and just go for a run outside in the open, it’s so much better than the closed walls of a gymnasium. The beautiful September air makes the run even more worthwhile.


The clouds are growling, I think its going to rain again. I should go and grab my book and cup of tea and start enjoy this while it lasts. Let me know what do you like to do when it rains xx


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