Hello 2017!

New year brings with it happiness, cheer and a bagful of warm fuzzies! The year 2016 has been beautiful for me, it was full of challenges and roller coaster rides, which is what made it so beautiful. Courage, compassion and kindness came to me

For the new one I have some plans to make tiny changes in my daily routine and end up bringing about bigger lifestyle changes in the process. I wrote my resolutions in a pretty journal, because I love journals & stationery & all things pretty.




Wake Up & Be Awesome – Taking one day at a time & making it the most beautiful day of my life.

Try More & More – Pray more, read more, write more, work & workout more, relax more, party more.

Create Everyday – Put my inherent aesthetic skills to some good use and create something fun & exciting everyday. Thinking outside the lines and focus on doing what I love the most. Everything else can wait.

Choose Happy – No more sulking, no more unnecessary anticipation & no more bad thoughts, words or actions. Feed my weirdness & chase adventure.

My biggest resolution is to fulfill all my resolutions. Haha.. However, I have a strong feeling that I will be able to keep up this year for sure.

What are your determinations for 2017? Let me know in the comments xx



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