Winter-proof your hair!

Chandigarh has been experiencing a crazy winter after almost two years. For the past two years, it never went down to a 3 degrees, but this year it did. Thank goodness to the heaters and rajais that keep us warm all night long.

The one thing that suffers the most in this season is my hair. I have chemically treated hair, with color and a bit of strait therapy I got done just before my wedding in November 2015, that is yet to outgrow. The hot water and blow drying had damaged my hair a lot already and then set in some signs of dandruff. I was immensely worried about my hair and scalp, and so came to my rescue this brilliant concoction of DIY hair treatment. I now have super smooth and frizz-free hair, and the dandruff has gone too. Here are the ingredients and steps I followed:


3-4 tbsp coconut oil (I used parachute)

1 tbsp of jojoba oil (I used desert splendour)

juice of half a lemon


Warm the coconut oil to turn it into its liquid state.

Put together the ingredients in a bowl, stir well.

Apply to the scalp and hair length. Massage the scalp thoroughly.

Let it stay for an hour and wash off with your regular shampoo.

You will see the difference in the first wash. Repeat this process at least twice a month and you will have the most gorgeous hair ever.

Let me know how did this treatment work for you, in the comments. xx




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