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Valentines Day – Last minute ideas!

For all you lovers out there, what is that one day you wait for the most (except your anniversary & birthdays of course)? That’s an easy one, for me its Valentines Day. I honestly don’t know the significance of this day except that there’s so much love and happiness in the air and that is something which makes me immensely happy! Not sure if my husband thinks the same way :p (given that he has a lot of spending to do that day).

Another reason why I love valentines is the gifting aspect of it. I love picking meaningful gifts for everyone, all the time. So in case you missed out on what gifts can you select for you man, here’s a roundup:

  1. Stylish Watch : Picture this – fitted trousers, shirt sleeves rolled up and a classy watch on the wrist. And you have a dapper dude right there! Check here for some classy ones.
  2. Perfume is another very sexy essential in a man’s life. Its an instant addition to your man’s hotness quotient. I love the smell of Issey Miyake Pour Homme. Find it right here.
  3. Dapper sunglasses: The hot sun should never bother anyone, especially not the man in your life. Get him a pair of statement sunglasses that will add to the oomph factor and also protect his eyes from the harmful sunlight.
  4. Laptop or Ipad : For the tech-savvy man, there’s nothing better than a new laptop. And if you’re in the mood, go a notch higher and get him a macbook pro or air, he will be your slave forever.
  5. Portable Charger/Power bank: This one’s a good gift for both men and women. Especially for the iphone addicts of the world, I’m a big part of this gang, who like clicking, texting, talking on their phones all day long. Some are lined up right here.
  6. Indulge in some role reversal and take him out for dinner. Decide the venue, menu, and everything. Make him feel on top of the world. Add a bottle of his favorite scotch if you like, that always works.
  7. The old world saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach stays true even today. Bake him a cake and make some coffee, he will love you forever.
  8. DIY presents are the best and hold so much more value than the materialistic, pricey ones. Get a few pictures printed in different sizes and frame them up, surprise him by putting them up in his room.

Let me know in the comments how was your valentines.

P.s.: I need to rush and plan a surprise for the husband, don’t forget to comment xx




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