How to have a great girl-y Valentine’s!

How are you spending your Valentines day? When I was wasn’t dating or didn’t have a husband, back in school, my friends and I used to wake up, dress up and indulge in some Gallentine day celebration. It was the most exciting way to spend valentines – downing beers & cocktails and lots of retail therapy.

This year again, I plan on doing something similar. My husband now lives in the States, and I’ve gotten used to picking up heavy boxes, reaching corners where I never thought I could reach and hugging my pillow while I sleep. Do I sound like a strong, self-dependent wife yet? Blah!

I think my girlfriends and me are going to involve ourselves in some girl-y valentines. We will pick up a few bottles of red, grab some nachos and make a fun playlist to dance our hearts out! What music are you playing this valentines? Here’s my saavn playlist:


Let me know your music prefernces in the comments. Also, let me know how was your Gallentine’s..oops!.. Valentine’s xx


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