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#GetFit with water!

Spring’s around the corner and summer isn’t far either. The cottons and khadis are going to come out and so will the the winter flab :p

Thanks to all the holiday treats, I might not fit into some of my summer clothes. Now that I’ve realized it in time, let’s work on some damage control. My mother-in-law came to the rescue yesterday, when she told me about Detox Water. What an great way to get rid of that stubborn belly fat!

All you need to do is slice your favorite fruits and put them in 1 litre water overnight so that all the nutrients from the fruits get absorbed into the water. Take it to work the next day and keep refilling as and when you drink out of the bottle. Its recommended to drink at least 3 litres of water daily for :

  • naturally losing weight
  • glowing skin
  • flushing out toxins from your system
  • keep yourself full to avoid eating junk food
  • stay happier, because this is going to uplift your mood 🙂

I used oranges, black grapes and mint the first day and made another variation with cucumber slices, lemon wedges and mint for Day 2. Use your imagination and natural fruits and vegetables to make your own version of this magical water.

Add it up with some diet control and 15-20 minutes of brisk walk daily, you will see a change within a week.

Let me know, in the comments what concoction you make xx

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