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9 easy steps to have a productive day!

I love checklists! Also, because I’m a stationery addict and collector, bullet journals and checklists are my best friends. My favorite checklist of all times is my morning routine checklist. Mornings are the most important part of the day and I’ve realized that if I waste this time, the whole day goes for a toss. My morning routine includes these 9 pointers:

  1. Wake up early – This one’s a tad bit tough in the beginning, but once you’re at it, you will enjoy your mornings the most. I’ve started setting the alarm for 15 minutes earlier than my usual time.
  2. Let the sun in – I jump out of the bed, wash my face and open the curtains and blinds to let the natural light inside. Its honestly the most rejuvenating motivator to wake up.
  3. I set out my clothes the night before so that doesn’t eat up too much of my time. I enjoy my warm cup of masala chai while I read 5-7 pages of a book.
  4. Pray and slay – I practice Buddhism, and an essential part of my practice is praying every morning and evening for peace of mind and spirit. The morning meditation recharges my life’s battery and I’m instantly ready to take on the day.
  5. The 5 minute journal – Extremely essential for those who like to plan their day and jot down their to-dos. I also sometimes devote these 5 minutes to write about my daily experiences and the one goal that needs to be focused on.
  6. Get kicking – A 10 minute cardio or yoga is imminent to kick start one’s metabolism. A brisk walk or a 10-15 minute jog does the trick.
  7. Getting ready – Since my clothes are all set out, showering and my regular beauty routine doesn’t take long.
  8. Eat Breakfast – There are a whole lot of pre-prepare breakfast options out there. I cook eggs and toast and some days have cereal and juice. My latest favorite is muesli and homemade strawberry compote.
  9. Leave on time: I strive to leave 5 minutes before my usual time, that way I can accomplish more. Makes me very happy 🙂

Let me know what do you do to manage your mornings, in the comment below xx




2 thoughts on “9 easy steps to have a productive day!

  1. I jump staright to the washroom and shower amd get dressed first thing, so i dont waste any time. Most importantly dont miss out on my most favourite part of the day which is “my morning chai”. Those 15 minutes of calmness and nothing else in the morning are essential. It brings in positive energy. ☺

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