5 Ways To Stress Less & Live More!

Do you also sometimes feel that stress has become a part of your life? I used to feel that very often. We all have stress, and honestly nobody signs up for it. It just happens. Thanks to our demanding jobs, household chores, pressures of the world and no time to calm down.

I figured that it cannot be completely removed from our lives, and sometimes it can act as an opportunity for growth too, so its not always a bad thing. For other times, I’ve started following these 5 steps:

  1. Focus on what I can control: Instead of complaining and crying about all that’s gone wrong, I’ve shifted my focus to the things I can control in life. If I’m facing pressure at work, how is it that I can manage it in an effective manner, that stress should not make me weak. The mindset to look for opportunities in life’s challenges keeps me going.
  2. Talk it out: Most times we tend to keep our stresses to ourselves. In my case, I’m the oldest of the three siblings and I would never talk about my issues to anyone, pressure again. However, I realized over a period of time that its very important to talk it out. I’m grateful to have such supportive friends and family, I always have someone to talk to and get the immediate stress out of my system. I also ask for a hug, always works!
  3. Read before you hit the sack: I used to watch TV before sleeping every night, the increased levels of anxiety & restlessness ruined my sleep every night. I’ve started to read before hitting the sack now. No more TV before I kick start my beauty sleep routine.
  4. Take a break: We don’t realize, but its imminent to take breaks between work. Now taking breaks can also mean moving out of town for the weekend, and I totally recommend that. However, tiny breaks during the day are equally important. Make yourself some chai or coffee, write a page in your daily journal, read a few pages of your current read, get up from the desk and walk around a little. I love these little breaks of excitement, they make me happy and the stress disappears in no time.
  5. Pray: This one’s a sure shot method of killing stress. My life has been full of topsy-turvy curves, and with it came swirls of stress. What always got me going was my constant prayer. So I prayed, and I still pray. Sometimes joining your palms and praying is all you need to remove the stress from your mind and soul.

What do you do to keep your stress at bay?



2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Stress Less & Live More!

  1. Well put upπŸ‘πŸΌ. Just to add my few cents, I would preferably hunt for a chocolate or bake a cake. Chewing on the gum works wonders for me. I habitually keep mint gums handy. Of late, I have modified my ginger lemon tea flavor to chamomile, however I’m still adjusting to it. To unwind my thoughts I usually paint my nails πŸ’…πŸΌ too. It’s so gratifying Watering plants, I used to do that back home though miss it here. Yoga is the best de stresser- I know that sounds like a cliche! I used to make fun of this guy Ramdev, but u gotta believe me his lessons if taken seriously bring about great results. Hmm… n yes conventionally grabbing ur phone and talking to ur significant other is so very therapeutic, in my case my punch bag is my sister.
    And Not to forget the beautiful practice is all I need.
    Have a great weekend ahead 😊


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