For The Love Of Journaling

Here’s the science behind journal writing. Our brain is made up of two parts – left and right, the left being rational, believes in logic & analysis whereas, the right part is the thinker, creator and has intuitive abilities. When we write, the left part of our brain gets activated which leads to better understanding of ourselves & others. So why do I love journaling and why do I think you should give it a shot too? Here’s a few reasons:

  1. Being an ardent journal writer and planner, I absolutely love buying and collecting stationery. I’m a proud owner of more than 400 notebooks and planners which I’ve collected over the years. Buying them and writing in my pretty journals calms me down. More often than not, most of my confusions are clarified after I write them down in my journal.
  2. Every night when I recap about my day in my journal, about the experiences, conversations, moments, it gives me a whole new insight of how the day went by and how do I want to plan the next day.
  3. I also write down my goals and ambitions on a separate jotter. Putting concrete goals in blueprint actually facilitates their fulfillment.
  4. It’s therapeutic! The whole idea of writing your thoughts and ideas in a journal is like having a friend who will never judge you or tell you to talk less. I can also feel the stress trickle out of my body as I write in my journal.
  5. I’m a hoarder, I like to save a little bit of everything. The scraps and stickers and other trinkets that I save from here and there go into my notebook on the inspiration board. Which means I also have my personal pinterest which sits inside my bag.

Go on breakthrough the inhibition and start writing, its a blessing.

Some of my journal writing essentials!





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