Weekend Reading List #1

Hey guys, I’m super excited about this new series that I’m starting here on the blog. My weekend reading list comprising of books, blogs and articles I’ve read plus, the ones I want to read. Here’s a roundup of all that I’ve read in the recent past and maybe you would like to read them too:

  1. The Girl On The Train: Extremely gripping story of a girl, you wouldn’t want to put it down.
  2. One Indian Girl: My husband picked this one for me because he thought that the gist at the back of the book sounded a lot like me. One of my favorite books and if you’re an independent Indian girl, you can completely relate with this Chetan Bhagat work.
  3. The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad: Another great read by Twinkle Khanna, her second novel after Mrs. Funnybones, which was yet another great book!
  4. Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom is the most inspiring book I’ve ever read. This one is my go-to when I feel confused about anything in life, be it work, love, marriage, household, death, just about anything. And it’s not preachy, I promise.

Let me know what are your all time favorite books?

Salina x





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