5 Things I’m Currently Loving



Yesterday I thought it might be a good idea to share things that I’m currently loving, because why not! Little posts excite me and are fun to write and read too. Here’s a list of stuff that I’m in love with right now, do share what you have been loving lately.

  1. Flowers! Its’s SPRING, the season of fresh flowers. I like artificial ones too, but not during spring, the real things are blooming almost everywhere. I love clicking pictures of them, and making arrangements with them for my bedside table. Just bought myself a bunch of pink and white carnations and I can’t stop looking at them.
  2. Longer days and breezy evenings: I love the wind that blows throughout the bright day and the starry nights. March makes me so happy!
  3. Flowy cottons: Just can’t wait to bring out my cotton kurtas, shirts and flowy dresses. They are staring from my cupboard and teasing me right now.
  4. Morning photography: My newfound love is taking photographs, using my phone for now, will buy a DSLR soon. On tables, over the bed, from the window, of my books and coffee, everything acts like inspiration for me these days.
  5. Homeware & Decor goods: Homeware is my newest addiction. Everywhere I go, I pick up something for the house and my room. I’ll do a post soon about my room tour and one with all things homeware that I’ve recently bought.

What are your current loves?

Salina x



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