#MakeAtHome: Healthy Pasta


My weekends are a powerhouse of relaxation techniques. My favorite being cooking exotic dishes at home with an Indian twist. Last weekend I tried making healthy pasta at home. Healthy because it comprised of vegetables, tofu, whole wheat pasta and homemade pesto. Here’s the recipe, do try and let me know how you like it.


For the pasta (Serves 4)

Wholewheat pasta  – one packet, I used Fabindia Orgnaics Pasta

Onions – 3, sliced

Tomato – 3, chopped

Garlic cloves – 4, crushed

Broccoli – 1 medium sized floret, chopped

Carrots – 2-3, sliced

Bell peppers – 2, chopped

Babycorn – one packet, chopped into halves

Chopped beans – 10-12

Tofu – 100gms, cut to 1/2 inch pieces

Olive oil – 3 tbsp

Salt & Pepper – to taste

For the pesto :

Fresh Basil – 500gms

Garlic cloves – 4-5

Walnuts or almonds- 1/2 cup

Virgin Olive oil – as per requirement

Rock Salt & Pepper – to taste


  1. Pre-prepare the pesto, it can be saved for later too. I usually make mine once a month. Whiz all the listed ingredients in a blender, keep adding olive oil till you achieve a smooth consistency. Refrigerate in a glass jar for future use.4
  2. Boil the pasta as per instructions on the packet. I like to add a tsp of salt to the water which prevents the pasta from sticking with each other.
  3. In a wok or non stick frying pan, heat olive oil, add onions and tomato and saute for 2-3 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for 2 minutes till the flavor gets immersed.
  4. Add all the vegetables and saute. My family like the vegetables crispy, so I keep them al dente. Feel free to completely cook your veggies if you like.
  5. Add the boiled and strained pasta to the vegetables, add another pinch of salt and the pesto sauce to the pan.
  6. Mix well and cook for 5 minutes so the flavors are well distributed.
  7. Garnish with fresh parsley and serve hot.

Here’s a step by step series of pictures. Let me know how do you make healthy pasta at home?

Salina x

Chopped fresh veggies
Sauteing the vegetables to al dente before I put in the boiled pasta.

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