A Bedroom Tour





I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time now, just couldn’t, maybe I was waiting for it to be spring! Favorite time of the year, favorite time to blog about my favorite space – my bedroom. So here’s a sneak peak into my bedroom, although there’s a lot more I need to do to make it pinterest-worthy, but I really wanted to share what I have right now.

Fabindia is my favorite home decor brand. My cotton curtains, rug and floor cushion covers are from there. My little reading nook is a out of the Fabindia catalog. I also use this space for meditation and praying, my journal writing and blogging. This has become my corner of happiness over the past year since I got married and came into my husband’s house. The cosyy corner makes my room what I wanted it to be.

The console table under the TV is custom-made in teak wood by our family carpenter. What covers the table is a grey runner with silver block printing which I picked up from Westside Stores. I’ve decorated the table top with a beautiful vase from Pure Home+Living that I got as a wedding gift from my aunt. It hold the beautiful pink carnations and gerberas I bought for myself on my way back home from work one evening. I’m a hardcore fan of collecting and framing pictures, because they have so many memories attached to them. I framed this one from my wedding day. In Indian tradition, the father of the bride gives away her hand to the groom, just before the rituals start. This was one of the most emotional and the most precious moments of my life. I’ve also framed some motivational quotes in white, blush pink and gold prints, these keep me going. The red and teal boxes are candles that sit pretty next to the frames and add freshness to my room whenever I want.

The bedside tables hold books that I want to read, my journal from paperdesignco, moisturiser and lip balm. Basic life essentials 🙂

So this was my first ever bedroom tour post. I hope to do many more as and when I update my room. Hope you like it and can find some decor inspiration there. Do let me know how you like to decorate your room.

Salina x



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