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3 Healthy Ways To Deal With Stress

For the independent, working woman, stress is but a part of life. Success is synonymous to stress and there are innumerable challenges and obstacles that will occur along the way. In the general preview, stress is something that is thought of negatively, it doesn’t have to be.



In fact, stress can actually be a good thing. It is an impetus for growth and development, it encourages and reminds you that you’re working hard. That said, if not dealt with properly, stress can lead to a number of problems. Basically, we have to become friends with our stress. Here’s my three cents:

  1. Breathe and accept the stress: We hate saying no! We love to be super humans and do everything that is thrown our way, which essentially results in a breakdown and we are unable admit the stress when we actually are stressed. Once we own the stress and understand that its not making us weak, we have it conquered right there. Talking about the stress to your partner, or a friend or confidante will help you release it. Also, there’s nothing wrong in letting your loved ones know how distraught you are. Nobody is judging. I rant all the time to my husband and I don’t mind asking for help either.
  2. Make a list & take your time: Writing works wonders for just about everything. The one thing I always try and inculcate in my daily chores is to write down all that I need to accomplish, plan and give myself plenty of time to do whatever is stressing me out. It’s equally important to devise some ‘me-time’. We have the weekends, but for a married, working woman in India, there’s little possibility of the concept of weekends. So it’s important to make time for yourself and do things that you love to do. I normally paint or click random photos, that calms me down.
  3. Positive is the matter: Sometimes stress gets the better of you leaving behind a negative mindset. Try looking at things from a bigger perspective, it helps in turning stress into a good thing. I’m grateful that I’m busy, ticking off my goals one by one and making progress in life. I think I now know how to appreciate stress.

Let me know how you handle your stress in the comments below, and always remember that you’re bigger than your stress and you can tackle it head on!




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