5 Ways To Prepare For Monday

I don’t often suffer from Monday Blues, or Sunday Sorrows. I usually look forward to my Monday morning, ready to take on what comes with the new week. Also, I love my job and the thought of going back to it on a Monday morning doesn’t scare me too much. Having said that, I try to use my Sunday productively by preparing for the forthcoming workweek. Whether or not you love your job, here are five pointers for you to plan your week ahead:

  1. Pick An Activity You Love :  Listening to music, painting, yoga, netflix-binge watching or reading a good book. Whatever you like, make time for it and indulge in doing just that. Relaxation leads to releasing happy hormones in your body and mind. Therefore, leading to a wonderful week ahead. 77232EF6-5387-45C9-A9B0-BE8A08801DCA
  2. Prep Your Meals : I’m still trying to incorporate this into my own schedule. However, I tried it last week and it did wonders. Planning your dinners for the whole week will help you avoid any last minute shopping or preparing rush. Salad comes to my mind when I talk of dinner. I plan to chop all vegetables & greens, divide them into bowls beforehand, refrigerate and add my proteins just before eating. This way you can avoid all the rush and chaos in the kitchen on the following Monday night.
  3. TLC For The Skin : I love wearing make-up, and if you follow my instagram, you know how crazy I am about makeup. That said, its important to give your skin a break from all that makeup. Sunday is that day for me. My favorite and essential skincare products are in the picture, and the Just Herbs Petal soft Anti-Tan Pack is my most favorite right now. image4
  4. Sort Your Outfits For The Week : I like to do some things on the spur, of course not work and blogging, there I like to plan my day, week and month. But, deciding my clothes for the next day was a big deal for me, till I got married. My husband is a superrrr type A human being, and he would plan out his work clothes every night before sleeping, without fail. That’s where I learnt this from, and believe me its a very good habit. Now I try and sort my wardrobe for the whole week on Sunday evening. Although, I can sometimes be super indecisive and moody so I end up wearing Wednesday on Tuesday and sometimes Friday on Monday, but what the heck, at least it saves me time and I can focus on makeup better. image3 (1)
  5. Plan Activities For The Week : I’m an ardent fan of planners and writing to-do lists. I love the idea of jotting down all the things that I need to do over the week and tick out all that has been accomplished. I utilize my Sunday afternoons doing just this – making my to-do for the week. I throw in a coffee date or two with my girlfriends, it helps me unwind midweek. image5

Try doing these this weekend and let me know how you like it!


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